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2016 Spartan Challege

The Spartan Challenge is an annual transition to high school event in partnership with CDSBEO.

Students in our Grade 8 family of schools participated in a series of workshops on Wednesday December 14th, with secondary teachers in the areas of Physical Education, Music, Drama, Construction Technology, Computers, Science and Hospitality. Students then competed in a build challenge with a team from their home school that incorporated design, math and science using only straws and tape.

This was a great opportunity for Grade 8 students to get comfortable with the high school environment and meet new friends and future teachers.


Team 27 of St. John Intermediate were winners of the Healey Bridge Build Challenge; Congratulations Matthew Leaver, Lucy McNamee, Madison Whiting, Steph Lemanski and Thomas Olney



Dan Lortie tests the bride of Amelia Godden from Team 22 of St. Edward, Westport


Emily Halliday and Devlyn Saumure from St. Francis Smiths Falls

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