Best Buddies is a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships and leadership experience for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Activities are organized by this year’s Executive Team of Madigan Stacey, Leah Brown, Kaitlin Moore, Faith Buker, Charlotte Brown and Emma Schonauer. Staff Advisors are Mrs. Scattolon, Mr. Forbes and Mrs. Daoust and our EA Team of Ms. Adams, Ms. Merkley, Mr. Stacey, Mrs. Cameron, Mrs. Tysick, and Mrs. Musclow.
New members are always welcome because who doesn’t want to Make a Friend / Be a Friend ?!
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Best Buddies

Thanks to a very generous donation from the Beach House in Perth, our Best Buddies Chapter is selling tickets during lunch in the Atrium (one for $5 for or three for $10) to a package of services and products:

Best Buddies 4th Annual Hooping it UP!

Our 4th annual St. John Hooping it Up! Event took place the afternoon of Thursday, April 4th. About 90 participants came out, as well as 17 of our high school basketball players who helped to contain stray basketballs and counted baskets. In total we managed to raise $325.00 which will go towards sending our school to an Ottawa event in May. Our school winners are as follows:

Top Buddy – Alison Salvian with 11

Top Female – Emma Kealy with 10

Top Male – Jacob Hagan with 14

Top Teacher – Mr. MacKenzie with 13

Madigan, Mrs. Scattolon, Mr. Forbes and all of K-Class would like to thank all those students who contributed in any way!–hoop-it-up-raises-325-for-st-john-best-buddies-program/





Best Buddies Game Pass 

Best Buddies enjoy watching the Sr. Girls Volleyball game!  






Best Buddies Conference 2018

A wonderful day was enjoyed by members of our St. John CHS Best Buddies chapter this Monday, November 5th at the annual Best Buddies Leadership Conference.  A day of celebrating our unique gifts and talents, and helping to strengthen our community of belonging, inclusion and friendship.  

Best Buddies Soccer Tourney 2018

On Wednesday October 10th over 80 participants participated in a soccer tournament for Best Buddies! There were 8 teams of 10 players, who played 3 games a piece. The winning team was co-captained by Charli Kettyle and Kade Liko who won in a shoot out against Sydney Murphy’s Team.

Over $150.00 was raised! Madigan Stacey and the K-Class would like to thank everyone who played, helped and donated!




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