St. John Catholic High School embraces the Renewed Math Strategy and is committed to providing the math knowledge and skills that students will need in an ever changing world. We continue to promote a growth mindset where mistakes are accepted as learning opportunities from which we can deepen our understanding of mathematics.  

Math classes use of a variety of teaching strategies such as rich problem solving, direct instruction, investigations, and peer collaboration using a variety of tools, including vertical surfaces. In addition, there is a strong focus on teacher collaboration with an emphasis on ensuring a smooth continuum of math learning for students, particularly from grades 7 through 10.  

For 2017-2018, SJCHS is piloting a new program in Ontario. In partnership with CDSBEO, NorthForge Innovations, Wind River (an Intel company), and Fulbright Canada Foundation, we are bringing software engineers into the classroom for STEM projects. Through this partnership, students in Grade 8 and 9 are learning about computer programming and completing projects using their new skills with Arduinos.  

Staff are committed to providing supports for all students and additional help is available from classroom teachers, special education resource teachers, and peer tutors.  For our 7/8 students, senior student tutors are available over the lunch hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the library.  

EQAO- Math Grade 9 Academic and Applied Fall 2018- TBA

EQAO – MATH GRADE 9 Academic Spring 2018 2

EQAO – MATH GRADE 9 Applied Spring 2018

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EQAO Web site

Free Tutoring & Math Resources for Grades 7 to 10

Also classroom notes may be available through Office 365 please check with the teacher.