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Culminating & Exam Schedule – Culminating & Exam Calendar – Jan. 2019

Culminating Schedule form for Students – Culminating Schedule for Students to Complete – Jan. 2019

Exam Schedule Sem 1 – Exam Schedule Sem. 1 – January 2019

Noon Hour Exam Shuttle

Buses will drop off at the following locations:

Smiths Falls Bus:  The Pines, Bear’s Den, County Fair Mall

Westport Bus:  St. Ed’s Elementary School, ESSO Station

Lanark Bus:  Innisville Store, Sacred Heart Elementary School, Arena, Balderson

Jan 14 & Jan 16 – Week 2 

Jan 17 – 22Culminating Periods– Based on your Week 1 timetable

January 24 – January 30 Exam Days based on Week 1 timetable

Arrangements will be made for students, who receive additional time, to continue writing on the day of the culminating activity.  Mrs. Peckham, Mrs. Hull and Mrs. Quick will work with the subject teacher to allow this to happen.

Extra Help DayTeachers will be available for extra help during their regular scheduled classes.  Students may stay at home and study for exams. If students are in the school they must report and remain in their scheduled classes.

Teachers must submit exams to Mrs. English before the 18th of January.  If students are absent for their exam, and have provided a doctor’s note, arrangement will be made by the office to write the exam.