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EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT: May Edition of the Spartan Spectacle is now available

A few words from our editor Marcey Costello

For those of you who do not know me, I am a grade twelve student. I aim to take English in university this coming autumn and have decided to make a school newspaper as part of my co-op. I would like to credit the title of this newspaper to Josh Armstrong. One of my goals is to write an issue for each month; copies can be found in the school (allocated time will be given for classes during a to-be-determined period) and on the school’s website under Clubs/Committees.

The goal of this paper is to cater to what students want to read, see, and do. If anyone has content suggestions (i.e. complaints, something to add, etc.) or wants to have their work in the paper, please contact me at

Please click on the link below to get the latest NEWS happening at St. John CHS

The Spartan Spectacle – May Issue



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