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Fr. Lalit Tirkey SJ is the Director of the Human Life Development and Research Centre in Darjeeling, India and will be visiting St. John on Friday, November 17th to speak with students about the work he is involved in with the tea workers of India’s Darjeeling region.

All presentatons will be in the Library Room 212 

Bio: Fr. Lalit Tirkey SJ  

 Fr Lalit Tirkey SJ has been Director of the Human Life Development and Research Centre (HLDRC) in Matigara, Darjeeling, since 2013. After graduating from the University of Madras with a BSc in Zoology in 1992, Fr Tirkey later went on to pursue an MA in Natural Resource Management at the University of Manitoba. He returned to India in 2005 to complete his PhD in Development Economics at the National Institute of Technology in Silchar, Assam. His dissertation was on the livelihood status of tea garden workers and has since been published under the title Can the Garden Be My “Home”? Land, Livelihood, and Life-world of Tea Gardens in North Bengal (Tirkey 2015).

 The Human Life Development and Research Centre is a project of the Jesuits in Darjeeling, India.  It accompanies workers both on functioning tea plantations and in so-called closed gardens, which are plantations that have been abandoned due to financial or other problems, leaving workers without livelihoods or income.

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