Are you a GRADUATE  who needs to request a copy of your high school transcript? Please click on the link below to order a transcript from our Guidance Department. The fee is $5.00.


Semester Course Changes

Students can pick up a course change request form in Student Services.  Forms need to be signed by a parent/guardian before a course change can occur.  Not all requests can be accommodated.  Please see Mrs. Scattolon or Mrs. Quick for information.  The deadline to switch courses is 10 days after the beginning of the semester.

E-Learning Courses

A limited number of online courses are made available through our school board and may be appropriate for students who are strong independent learners with good computer and organizational skills. Students apply for approval, and work on these independently. Their support is an online teacher who is available remotely. Parents are contacted via email regarding their student’s progress. E-learning can be beneficial for:

  • a student who wants to reach-ahead or make-up a subject in the summer session (4 weeks intensive)

  • a student who wants to do summer coop to earn 2 credits (4 weeks intensive)

  • a student who has 3 courses in their timetable and chooses an online GRID course as a 4th subject – one that is listed on the course selection sheet (usually Grade 12 offerings)

  • other options may be requested through the Guidance department in consultation with the board E-Learning Coordinator

There is no cost for these courses for students who are full-time registered students in our school. These courses are closed to registration 3 weeks into a semester, or by middle of June for the summer session.

Wanting to register your son or daughter at St. John?  

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What do I need to graduate from high school?

Graduation Requirements 

What should be noted is that as a student at St. John Catholic High School, religion is a compulsory subject, one credit in each of your four years.  These four credits are accounted for in the elective credits requirements.

OSCA What’s Next?

Your guide to Career and Life Planning. 

OSCA What’s Next Guide