Applying to University and College

Grade 12 Parent Information Evening Presentation : TBA 

Researching Colleges

Questions to Consider

College Program Details Form

Applications to Ontario Colleges are done through the Ontario College Application Services

Students at St. John will complete the on-line application, with support from the Guidance Department, in October/November through small group sessions. Students will be seen individually through December for assistance with their application. The application deadline is always February 1st.

The application fee is $95.00. This allows you 5 program choices with no more than 3 at one school. Payment for the application can be made by credit card, electronic banking, telephone, money order or certified cheque.

Take a virtual tour of Canadian Colleges. Visit the website is a new resource allowing students to explore all of the university and college campuses in Canada. It gives students the ability to navigate over 300 campuses through virtual campus tours as well as maps, photos, and links to school websites, social media, and more.


Paid Education Through the Canadian Armed Forces

Use the link to discover how joining the Armed Forces can help pay for your education:

University Information Program

The UIP (University Information Program) is an opportunity to speak to a representative from each of Ontario’s 21 Universities all in one location. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and research schools & their respective programs.

UIP Permission Form 2017-2018

What is the UIP

Resource Guide 2019


Applying to University

Ontario University Application Process for Fall Admission

University Program Details Form

Researching Out of Province Universities

How to Research University Programs


Professional Programs

High school students have many questions related to applying to professional programs. These programs include Rehabilitation Programs, Law, Medicine & Education/Teaching.  All of these programs require prior study at university in order to apply to the respective programs. Contrary to common beliefs, most undergraduate degrees do not need to be specific. This document includes valuable information for students thinking of applying to any professional program. It will help students realize the areas they can study in university, therefore allowing them to broaden their high school course selections.


University Applications

Students will complete their university applications on-line with the support of the Guidance Department. We will be completing these in early November once we receive PINs from OUAC (Ontario University Application Centre). The application deadline for students is January 17. The OUAC website can be found at

The base application fee is $150.00. This allows students up to 3 choices. Additional choices may be made at a cost of $50.00 each. Payment may be made by credit card or electronic banking.

You can begin researching universities and programs by visiting the eInfo, or go to and login to your account to research programs your are eligible to apply to with the grade 12 courses on your current timetable. 


Virtual Tours

Take a virtual tour of Canadian Colleges.  Visit the website is a new resource allowing students to explore all of the university and college campuses in Canada.   It gives students the ability to navigate over 300 campuses through virtual campus tours as well as maps, photos and links to school websites, social media and more.


Paid Education with the Canadian Armed Forces

Visit the Canadian Armed Forces page for more information about paid education

Accessibility for Students with Disabilities

Ontario universities are committed to creating equal access to higher education for all academically qualified students with disabilities. Use this link to connect you with each university in Ontario and their respective accessibility resources and contacts: