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Ignite the Light of Justice ‘Just-Us’ Youth Day 2017

On Tuesday, November 28, 2017 close to 300 Grade 10 students from all high schools across our School Board gathered in Kemptville to learn more about issues of justice, peace and service. This youth event was designed to engage, empower and ignite the transformative power and passion of Christ’s message within our youth.

This years’ conference focused on the theme ‘Ignite the Light of Justice’ keynote speaker Eva Olsson, a Jewish Holocaust concentration camp survivor, who since 1996 has been sharing the story and experiences of her life during and after the war. Eva’s presentation included pictures from the Holocaust and from her return trip to Europe in 2007 which included a visit to 3 concentration camp sites. Eva’s keynote address was followed by several workshops focused on various social justice, equality, and environmental issues.

Just Us 2017 Program


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