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Parents of St. John Catholic High School Students (HIGH SCHOOL ONLINE STUDENTS ONLY)

If your child has signed up for online only, they will be taking two classes per quadmester (unless they are a Grade 12 student and have a spare). Your child will be expected to log on for 8:00 am for their first period class and then log onto their second period class at 10:05 am. They will be expected to be logged on for the full two periods, just as if they were at school, in class.

The classes will either take place on Microsoft Teams or Brightspace/D2L. The teachers have emailed their online students through the student’s CDSBEO email address to inform them which location to find the class.

Students can access their school email (OUTLOOK), Teams or Brightspace by going to and entering their username and password. If you have a problem accessing your password, please email Mrs. Minnema at for help.

Attendance will be taken at the start of each period. If an online student is not online when attendance is taken they will be marked absent and you will receive a call from the school indicating they are “not at school/in class”. If they log on late please ensure they let their teacher know they’ve arrived, as the teacher might not see them log on, if they’re away from their laptop.

At 1:10 pm all students are expected to be back online for their Period 1 class and at 1:40 pm for their Period 2 class. This is the portion of the day where all students in the class will be working online with their teacher.  

We appreciate your patience and understanding throughout these unprecedented times.

Deanne Strong                                    Tony Quick

Principal                                              Vice-Principal

Online letter to parents


Desginated Entrances and Exits for all Grades!

As a safety precaution students will be asked to use designated entrances and exits! They are as follows 

Grade 7/8

Courtyard off  Intermediate yard

Grade 9/10

Gym Doors by Daycare/Room 134

Grade 11/12

Right Side of Main Entrance


Left Side of Main Entrance

STEO has put together a video to support families in understanding what to expect on the bus ride to and from school this year.

 Please follow the link below to access information!

The Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit will be launching a new 1-800 school/parent phone line for Leeds, Grenville & Lanark

on Tuesday, September 8 to help answer any questions you have about the screening tool, or other COVID-19 related school topics. It will be open Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 4:30pm and on Sundays from 8:30 to 4:30. Call it directly at 1-866-236-0123.

Please visit for more information

Student Timetables are now available

Timetables have been sent out to access the password please use the student’s birth date.

For example if a student was born on July 30 2002 it would be 20020730 

Please do not use spaces, dashes, or slashes between numbers.


Intermediate Summer Letter

Please find attached the Intermediate Summer Letter for Students/ Parents/Guardians

Intermediate Summer Letter


Eastern Ontario Health Unit and the Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit

Practice makes… things easier. (Who wants to be perfect?) Now is a great time to get your child to practice wearing a face covering in preparation for September. Try wearing it for short periods at first, like during screen time or playtime, so it becomes comfortable.


Information for Students Registered for Online/Remote Learning

Grade 7 & 8 Students

Students in grades 7 and 8 who chose the online/remote learning platform for September will be contacted by the CDSBEO Virtual Elementary School within the next two weeks as to who your teacher is.  Your start date is September 14th.

Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 and K-Class

If you are a student in grades 9, 10, 11, 12 or K-Class and chose the online/remote learning platform, you will be taught synchronously (live teaching) by our St. John staff.  If you have a Period 1 class, your day will begin at 8:00 am, whether you are learning from home or in the classroom.  Class times for all students, in-class and on-line, are as follows:

Period 18:00 am – 10:05 am

Period 210:05 am – 12:05 pm

All high school students will be linked to a TEAMS or Brightspace D2L platform.  If you are online from home, your teacher will call you with information for a TEAMS or Brightspace D2L invite.

Please note that a staggered start will take place as outlined below:

  • K-Class will begin in person/at home on Tuesday, September 8th.

  • Grade 9’s will begin in person/at home on Wednesday, September 9th.

  • Grade 10’s will begin in person/at home on Thursday, September 10th.

  • Grade 11’s will begin in person/at home on Thursday, September 10th.

  • Grade 12’s will begin in person/at home on Thursday, September 10th.

Timetables will be emailed to you shortly for the 2020 – 2021 school year.


Ministry of Health’s Ontario COVID-19 self-assessment tool

As we embark on a new school year, the health and safety of students and staff remain our most important priority.  

The Board has been working very closely with our local medical officers of health from both the Eastern Ontario Health Unit and the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit to ensure that all safety protocols are in place as we welcome your children back to school.

Whether you have chosen to enrol your child in the remote distance-learning program or in-class instruction, our teachers, administrators, and support staff are ready to welcome your child and support them in meeting their full potential.

In order to support the safety of students and staff, please ensure to screen your child(ren) for symptoms every day before coming to school using the Ministry of Health’s Ontario COVID-19 self-assessment tool. If your child has any symptoms of COVID-19 or if they are ill, they should remain home and please report their absence to the school.

Your school administration will work closely with you to answer any questions that you may have and help your child adapt to the new school routines.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, and Senior Administration, we would like to thank you for choosing to educate your child in our Catholic school system and we wish everyone a safe and successful year!

Todd Lalonde, Board Chair                                                      John Cameron, Director of Education 


We have been notified by the school board that we need all loaned laptops and iPads returned right away if you haven’t already.  Some parents dropped them off in June and some kept them for the summer so we still have a few out.  Every device needs to be re-imaged, sanitized and some settings will be changed, but we physically need them in the school for this to happen.  If you have opted for the online learning for the upcoming year, and you do not have a device for your child to use, we can arrange to lend you one after they have been re-imaged.

Our office is open all this week and next so if you can arrange to drop it off that would be very helpful.  Our office is open during the day (7am-4:00) and can be dropped off in the main office.

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