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Summer Greetings!

Our students, extended family, teachers and staff have worked diligently, played fairly, competed with determination, and studied hard during this past school year.  Most importantly, however, they have supported one another to achieve, grow, learn, and succeed. Every member of our St. John family heads into summer having achieved personal bests and embracing enhanced potential!

In June, we wished a fond farewell to our Vice-Principal Ms Catherine English and staff Mr. Sean Day, Mr. Zack Farris, Mr. Colin MacDuff, Mrs. Sharon Scattolon, Mr. Steve Rynal and Ms. Danielle Wilson. In September, we look forward to welcoming Mr. Tony Quick into the Vice-Principal role, Tony is well acquainted with the St. John family, all of his children have graduated from the school and we welcome him as a new Spartan.

Our St. John family wishes your family a well-deserved rejuvenating summer holiday.  We hope to see you at the Orientation BBQ on Tuesday, September 3rd.  In the meantime, if you have any questions about our programs, courses, athletics, or clubs, please peruse this website and/or call 613-267-4724.   

Enjoy your summer, be safe, share an act of kindness, and dream big. 


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