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Hello St John CHS community:

I hope this email finds you all well.  The 2019/2020 yearbook is partially complete, and we had originally planned to finish the book in the fall semester but unfortunately it seems that the yearbook software company we use has decided to terminate.  Due to this we must finish the yearbook before the summer, or we will lose the photos and information we currently have. As a result, we find ourselves with a lot of blank pages.

To finish off the 2020 yearbook we really need your help! We need pictures! Here are some ideas:

  • Pictures of what you are doing during this unprecedented quarantine – cooking, playing an instrument, minding younger siblings, or even online learning!

  • Pictures of you dressed in your school colours or uniforms

  • Any pictures you took at school this year – including team sports, Halloween, Christmas

  • Any art, poetry, science projects, or any other work from school.

We will fill the blank pages with your photos, and it will be a yearbook unlike any other! Upload your photos to the following link and click Add Images in the top right-hand corner:

To purchase the 2019/2020 yearbook (The price of the yearbook remains at $45.00. This is the school’s cost as well as yours.) you can use the following link:

A couple of disclaimers:

We will try to use as many of your photos as possible, but some might not end up in the book. We also must wait for the book printing company to open so we are not sure when the actual book will be printed. By uploading your photos you give us permission to use those photos in the yearbook.

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