High School Class of 2021 Save the Date

Save the Date: Students are asked to sign up for a short time slot on Friday, June 25th between the hours of 10:00am - 5:00pm. At this time, students will be given the opportunity to come to the school, cross the stage and receive their graduation package.

Each graduate can be accompanied by a maximum of two guests who will have the opportunity to take pictures of the graduate and witness this special moment. For planning purposes, please note that if the graduation takes place inside, students and guests will enter via the doors closest to the gym (the grade 9 & 10 entrance) and will exit via the gym doors which lead to the back of the school. If it takes place outside, there will be signs to direct you.

To book your timeslot, please click on the BOOKINGS link:  https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/Classof2021Graduation@cdsbeo.onmicrosoft.com/bookings/. The booking link will also be available on our school website and social media pages.

Virtual Graduation Ceremony: In addition, a prerecorded virtual graduation ceremony will take place on Sunday, June 27th at 2:10 pm. There will be a link sent to families in advance.

A reminder to all students that photos are being collected by Mrs. Warner (sasha.warner@cdsbeo.on.ca) to be used in a graduation slideshow. Please ensure you pass along any photos that could be included. Please continue to monitor the Grade 12 Teams page for updates and messages as we move closer to the end of the school year.

We are proud of the perseverance, strength, and resiliency you have shown this school year and look forward to celebrating with you in the upcoming weeks.