Wednesday, November 2nd is the Take Our Kids to Work Day ™ (TOKW 2022).

As suggested by the Premier’s Highly Skilled Workforce Expert Panel Report, the program will support students to begin planning their future career path by helping them better understand the world of work.

Option #1

Parents are responsible for finding a safe and appropriate placement for their son/daughter for the day – either with themselves or another adult

Students are expected to abide by any safety protocols and COVID-19 measures that are in place at the workplace.

The Town of Perth has offered to take a few students. If you do not have a placement for your student and they are interested in an opportunity with the Town of Perth, please email Sasha Warner at [email protected]

Use the Permission Form attached to this form for your son/daughter to participate in a workplace. Please return by Monday, October 31st , 2022.


Option #2

Students who do not participate will attend regular classes at St. John CHS. Career-related activities are planned for that day. Attendance at school is mandatory for these students.