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Our Chaplaincy Team
Our chaplaincy program supports and facilitates daily prayer, community worship of the various liturgical seasons, retreats, charitable, and social justice projects and events, restorative practices and activities, the needs of those who have loss or are grieving and offers faith resources for curriculum and social justice projects.
The chaplaincy program also seeks to bring a faith and spiritual dimension to contemporary issues, activities, and events within our school community. We are here to help provide opportunities for fellowship, spiritual growth, and individual pastoral support.
Mr. Pat Forbes is our Chaplaincy Leader at St. John’s, offering a ministry of presence to staff, students, and their families. He is available to listen, provide spiritual direction, and support in times of trouble, loss, and grief. If you have questions about faith, spirituality, or are simply looking for a friendly and compassionate ear to discuss whatever’s concerning you, Mr. Forbes is there to help. Mr. Forbes also acts as a liaison with local parish communities, members of the clergy, and the Archdiocese of Kingston. 
Father Charles Enyinnia and Associate Pastor Father Oliver lead our school's liturgical celebrations and are also available by request to offer spiritual support and direction, fulfil sacramental needs, and meet with individual students or classes.
The Chapel
The Chapel at St. John is a space apart; a sacred space where students and staff can step outside their regular routines for silence, prayer, meditation, reflection, or music. It is used for mass and other liturgical celebrations, private prayer, and gatherings by students and staff. Individual students and classes use the Chapel as a sanctuary where they can experience their spirituality on a personal level through reflection and prayer. The Chapel is located off the Atrium and is available daily as a welcoming, peaceful, and quiet area for reflection.