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Post Secondary Planning



 Determining what job, you would like to do for the rest of your life is a hard decision! 

 Apprenticeships are like on the job training with some school component. Colleges will   teach you the skills and information necessary to perform a particular job. Universities will   teach you skills like research, communication, analysis and critical thinking that you can   apply to many types of positions and job areas. Here is a summary of the differences and   similarities of all three…


App Coll Uni Comparison Chart 



 Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development – If you are undecided about   which pathway is best for you, this website covers your options! According to statistics,   approximately 70% of students make a change to their intended plan once they start an   apprenticeship, college or university program. This is because sometimes you don’t know if   it is really the best fit until you get there!


Ministry of Colleges and Universities



 Is there a particular job sector you’d like to investigate? Here are some links to get you   started…new links are added regularly as we discover them!


     The Ontario Civil Construction Careers Institute – Providing youth with insight into           the Civil Construction industry and the many career opportunities that is provides.


OCCCI Business Directory & Business Associations

     Certified General Accountants – You can access lots of information from the CPA               Ontario website
  • The Ontario Forestsry Association – Find out about many different careers in the forestry sector at
  • Forests Ontario

Not sure what to do after high school?  Need help finding a job?



 That is ok. But not taking any action about it is not ok (especially if you are in grade 12!).   Think about what you like and dislike. What working conditions appeal to you? Do you like   to stay up late or get up early? Use some of the resources below to begin your quest!


Career Cruising 


 Career Cruising is a helpful website to help you discover your interests and link those to

 potential careers. Ask your Gr.10 Careers or Discovering the Workplace teacher for the free   login and password, or come to Guidance and we can share it with you too.

  Career Cruising


Government of Canada


 Planning a Career – Services for Youth – Deciding on a career   can seem like an   overwhelming task if you’re not sure what you want to do in the future. This page will help   guide you through the career planning process. It points out some important things for you   to consider as you choose the career path that’s right for you.   

Young Canadians Career Planing Government of Canada


Algonquin Employment Services Perth


 Offers a full suite of employment services under the Employment of Ontario umbrella. Any   unemployed or under employed individual may use this program. Employed individuals   expecting a job loss and students entertaining the work force are all welcome for   assistance:

Student Support Services Algonquin College


Algonquin College Career Explorer


 Take this quick survey and discover which college programs match your responses. You   can use the online resources to discover more about the Algonquin Programs.

Algonquin College Career Coach


Ottawa U Career Services

 A variety of tools and resources available online for you to access




Canadian Armed Forces

 Did you know that you can get your education paid for and earn a salary through the   Canadian Armed Forces while you are in school? Check out the Canadian Armed Forces   website for more details.

Canadian Armed Forces