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 September 16, 2021


 We are glad to be back in-person this year and are excited that the CDSBEO and  our local health units have given us   the go ahead to participate in interschool sports. It will be so good to provide the opportunity to have our Spartan   athletes participating once again. We recognize the importance of being active and the benefits of connecting to the   school community through sport.  


 Given the ongoing concerns of COVID-19, our school has developed a set of safety protocols in accordance with the   CDSBEO School Re-Entry Plan as well as the Return to Sport guidelines outlined by our local health units. We will be   taking a season-by-season approach toward our Athletics programming and will continue to collaborate with our local   health units to ensure your child’s safety. Please recognize that the local health units may alter sports   guidelines/protocols as needed and we will have to be prepared to make necessary adjustments. 


 We will begin try-outs, conditioning, and skill development over the next few weeks, with the intention of league play   beginning in early October. Your child’s coach will be sending along more specific details of practice times and team   protocols. You are encouraged to check our school website and social media for updates. 


Grade 7 & 8 Fall Sports – Cross Country, Soccer, Flag Football 

Grade 9 -12 Fall Sports – Cross Country, Golf, Girls Basketball, Boys Volleyball  


Thank you in advance for your support of our Athletics programming and please encourage your child to get involved. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s coach or our Athletic Director, Jennifer Frizell. 

All students are encouraged to get involved in the wide range of group and individual activities offered. Not only will you have fun, but you will experience the opportunity to develop personal skills and leadership qualities that will last all your life.
We are strong supporters of co-curricular activities, and we recognize the value of these activities in the lives of our students. However, we also believe that we have the shared responsibility to assist our students in maintaining an appropriate balance between their studies and activities. In order to maintain eligibility for co-curricular activities, a student must demonstrate: regular attendance, attendance on game day, be in good academic standing, be striving to achieve (passing) in their current courses, be in full time attendance at St. John’s (3 courses per semester), be eligible only if their previous semester here at St. John’s was successful in a minimum of 3 out of 4 courses or 2 out of 3 for senior students, demonstrating consistent effort and study habits, adhere to Safe School Policy. If the above are not evident, the student will be suspended from the activities until improvement is noted.
For each sport there is an activity fee that is charged in order to help offset the cost of bussing, referees, etc. No student will be prevented from participating in an activity due to financial concerns at home.