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 February 5, 2021

Statement From Nick Rowe, OFSAA President:


 While the COVID-19 pandemic remains fluid, OFSAA Executive Council, in   collaboration with OFSAA’s Return To  Sports Working Group, has determined that the   2021 spring championships and festivals are cancelled.

 OFSAA supports the health and safety measures currently instituted by Public Health   and the Government of Ontario. 


 Despite this disappointing news, we wish to reiterate our continued support for sports   and activity for the benefit of students’ physical and mental well-being. School sports   play a vital role in education and in the lives of students.

 We know that the coming months present uncertainty, but we eagerly look forward to   the time when athletes and coaches can safely return to competition in our provincial   championships and festivals!


 The Return To Sports Working Group will continue to meet and assess the viability of   OFSAA events as the situation evolves. As vaccines become more widely distributed,   we are hopeful for a return of OFSAA events as soon as possible. In the meantime, we   have introduced new programs such as virtual challenges, the OFSAA Café and a   newly-announced Student Forum. 

 Thank you for your continued patience and support over the past 11 months, and for   your efforts to keep our communities safe.

All students are encouraged to get involved in the wide range of group and individual activities offered. Not only will you have fun, but you will experience the opportunity to develop personal skills and leadership qualities that will last all your life.
We are strong supporters of co-curricular activities, and we recognize the value of these activities in the lives of our students. However, we also believe that we have the shared responsibility to assist our students in maintaining an appropriate balance between their studies and activities. In order to maintain eligibility for co-curricular activities, a student must demonstrate: regular attendance, attendance on game day, be in good academic standing, be striving to achieve (passing) in their current courses, be in full time attendance at St. John’s (3 courses per semester), be eligible only if their previous semester here at St. John’s was successful in a minimum of 3 out of 4 courses or 2 out of 3 for senior students, demonstrating consistent effort and study habits, adhere to Safe School Policy. If the above are not evident, the student will be suspended from the activities until improvement is noted.
For each sport there is an activity fee that is charged in order to help offset the cost of bussing, referees, etc. No student will be prevented from participating in an activity due to financial concerns at home.