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General Information

How do I enroll my child at St. John's?
You can fill out the CDSBEO Registration Form and bring it in to the school. If you are inquiring about enrollment remotely, please send the completed form to our Guidance Secretary, Erin Tsarouhas at [email protected]
I am a graduate of St. John CHS and I need a copy of my transcript. How do I get a copy of my transcript?
Graduates of St. John must fill out the Transcript Request Form to order a transcript. There is a $5.00 administrative fee for this service.
I would like to switch/add/drop a course. How do I make a course change?
You can pick up a course change request form in Student Services. Forms needs to be signed by a parent/guardian before a course change can occur. The deadline to switch courses is 10 days after the beginning of the semester. Keep in mind, not all requests can be accommodated. Need more information? Reach out to Mrs. Warner or Mrs. Daoust.
I’m interested in e-learning courses. How do enroll in e-learning? Is there a cost?
Are you a strong, independent learner with good computer and organizational skills? If you think independent work could be a good fit for you, you can apply for approval to join an e-learning class. In e-learning, you are supported remotely by an online teacher. Your parents are contacted via email regarding your progress.
Who could benefit from e-learning? E-learning may be helpful for you if:
  • You want to reach-ahead or make-up a subject in the summer session (4 weeks intensive)
  • You want to do a summer coop to earn 2 credits (4 weeks intensive)
  • You have 3 courses in your semester timetable and would like to take your 4th course online. These course options are limited and usually are Grade 12 courses.
There is no cost for these courses for students who are full-time registered students in our school. The deadline for registration for these courses is 3 weeks after the start of a semester, or the middle of June for the summer session.
What do I need to graduate from high school?
Check out this handy one-page Graduation Requirements Sheet.
There is so much information about career planning and I’m overwhelmed! Is there a simple guide or booklet that can help me plan my future?
Planning your future can be overwhelming! We love the What's Next? booklet from the Ontario School Counsellors Association. It has everything from links to career quizzes to pathway options through high school to a map with all the colleges and Universities in Ontario.
How do I sign up for the courses I want to take next year?
At St. John we use to do course selections. If you are going into Grade 9   or 10, we reach out to you in late February to do course selections. If you are going into Grade 11 or 12, we will reach out to you in early March to do course selections. You have a myBlueprint account already created through the school board. If you don’t know your username and password, just reach out to Mrs. Warner or Mrs. Daoust.
MyBlueprint is more than just a course selection tool. It is an amazing resource for researching post-secondary options, investigating careers, doing career self-assessment quizzes, setting goals, building a resume and much more. You will even get to use myBlueprint in the Grade 10 Career Studies course!
Do I need volunteer hours to earn my diploma?
Yes! Only we like to call them Community Involvement Hours. You are required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of community involvement in order to graduate. Download the Community Involvement Activities Form to fill in or stop by Student Services to pick up a copy. You will need a parent/guardian signature and supervisor signature for every activity you complete. Please read the Guidelines for Community Involvement prior to beginning your community involvement and just reach out to a guidance counsellor if you have any questions!