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Applying to University


 A good place to start researching Universities is to attend the UIP

(University Information Program).

 At UIP you can speak to a representative from each of Ontario’s 21 universities all in   one location. It is a great opportunity to ask questions, research schools, and find out   about their programs.



 If you are more of a bookish researcher, the Ontario Universities is a great starting   point.

Ontario Universities Resource Guide 2019 


 We also recommend For a more personalized approach, you   can go to and login into your account to research programs   you’re eligible to apply to with the grade 12 courses on your current timetable.




 You are not alone in the application process! Our guidance counsellors will help you   complete your university applications. We begin applications in early November, after   we receive PINs from the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC). The   application deadline for students is January 17.




 Still have more questions? These one-pagers may have the answers you are looking   for:


 Accessibility for Students with Disabilities: Ontario universities are committed to   creating equal access to higher education for all academically qualified students with   disabilities. Go to OUAC to connect with each university in Ontario and their   accessibility contacts and resources.