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SJCHS Uniform Policy
At St. John Catholic High School, the uniform is a source of pride and a builder of our community. Students who enroll at St. John Catholic High School do so with a complete and full awareness of uniform requirements. Therefore, by choosing St. John Catholic High School, students and parents agree to abide by the established School Uniform Policy. 
The uniform is to be worn for the entirety of the full school day including lunch, supervised study periods, and spares, in ALL areas of the school. Students are required to wear the prescribed school uniform throughout the school year, including examination days. Basic uniform items include: 
  • Shirts: Golf Shirt, long or short sleeve; 
  • Bottoms: Pants, Capris, Shorts, Kilt (shorts and kilts may not be rolled up at the waist); and Sweaters: Pullover, Half Zip Polo, Cardigan, Full-Zip Sweater. 
  • Footwear: Open-toed shoes (e.g. sandals) may not be worn in some classes due to safety concerns.  
Uniform Expectations
  • Students are expected to arrive to school in uniform and are to be in full uniform at all times during the day.
  • Uniforms will be worn on all school trips unless otherwise specified by school administration.
  • Students are expected to display a neat and orderly appearance.
  • All bottoms must be worn at the waist and clothing should be kept clean and in good condition.
  • There is to be no alteration of the school uniform (e.g., pinning the backs of shirts, re-hemming/fitting of pants, rolling up short legs or kilts, etc.).
  • All uniform items are to be purchased from R.J. McCarthy. 
  • If a student arrives out of uniform, the student may be given a uniform item to borrow. Parents/Guardians will be notified. Students borrowing uniform pieces may receive a detention. Repeated infractions will result in a suspension.
  • Coats and jackets are not to be worn in the building during the day and are to be kept in lockers.
  • Only solid, plain white or black t-shirts can be worn under uniform shirts. Graphics, scripts, or designs are not acceptable.
  • A uniform shirt must be worn under sweaters, vests, hoodies and half zip polos.
  • Baseball caps and hats are not permitted during school hours and should be left at home.
  • Accessories must be in keeping with the spirit of the uniform. The following are unacceptable: large jewelry, wallet chains, studded belts, collars, or bracelets, scarves, gloves (of any style), leg warmers, etc. 
Spirit Wear & Casual Dress Day Attire
Spirit Wear Days: 
On Fridays throughout the school year, students may substitute articles of Spirit Wear clothing to be worn in conjunction with their uniform pieces. Spirit Wear pertains to clothing purchased from various school clubs or sports teams reflecting the school culture of SJCHS. 
Casual Dress Days: 
Student Council requests days throughout the year during which students may choose to wear clothing other than the regular school uniform. Students and staff who choose casual dress attire on these days will make a contribution (usually $2.00) to a designated charity. 
On Casual Dress Days, students are expected to maintain respectful, appropriate, and modest attire reflecting our positive school culture. Families are asked to use solid judgment, keeping in mind that the following are NOT acceptable:
  • Spaghetti/thin straps, or low cut tops/dresses; 
  • Muscle shirts, crop tops, see-through material; 
  • Short shorts or low-riding bottoms; 
  • Exposed undergarments; 
  • Pajama pants; 
  • Hats, bandanas, fish net stockings, or pocket chains; 
  • Clothing or accessories promoting sex, violence, drugs, alcohol, or racist messages. 
Final interpretation of our School Dress Code is the responsibility of School Administration. 
Purchasing Uniforms
To ensure uniformity, all uniform items must be purchased through R.J. McCarthy Ltd., the school’s sole supplier chosen through a comprehensive tendering process. School uniform items, as outlined in the school uniform policy, must be purchased from the approved supplier. The school approved supplier is R.J. McCarthy Ltd., located at 3250 Ridgeway Drive, Unit #8, Mississauga, ON (904-820-4520 or 1-800-668-8261) or you can order online at McCarthy Uniform Store.
In-School Uniform Store
The SJCHS in-school uniform store is open for sizing only, on Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 2:00-6:00pm. The McCarthy School website is the only way to process orders, returns etc. If you require additional information, please call 613-267-4724 x116.
Used Uniforms
The St. John CHS Catholic School Council holds an annual Used Uniform Sale at the end of the summer. Please contact the St. John CHS School Council for more information at: [email protected].
Next Used Uniform Sale TBA. Purchases can be paid for by CASH ONLY!