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St. John Catholic High School is committed to providing the math knowledge and skills that students will need in an ever-changing world. We continue to promote a growth mindset where mistakes are accepted as learning opportunities from which we can deepen our understanding of mathematics. 
Math classes use of a variety of teaching strategies such as rich problem solving, direct instruction, investigations, and peer collaboration using a variety of tools, including vertical surfaces. In addition, there is a strong focus on teacher collaboration with an emphasis on ensuring a smooth continuum of math learning for students, particularly from Grades 7 through 10. Staff are committed to providing supports for all students and additional help is available from classroom teachers, special education resource teachers, and peer tutors. 
Grade 9 EQAO
The Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics assesses the mathematics skills students are expected to have learned by the end of the Ontario Grade 9 mathematics course (MTH1W).
Sample EQAO Test
The sample EQAO test gives students the opportunity to become familiar with the online assessment and its platform. Students will be able to try out the various tools, including built-in text-to-speech audio, zoom in and zoom out, high contrast and highlighter, in the e-assessment platform.
During the assessment, students complete two sessions with four stages; the sample test consists of one session with two stages, and a total of 27 questions. This sample test also provides students with the opportunity to complete the various types of questions, including drag-and-drop, drop-down menu and single- and multiple-selection questions, that may be included on the assessment.
EQAO Dates
The administration of this year's Grade 9 Assessment will take place at the end of each semester:
  • January 25-26th 2023, with individual student results reported after each student completes the assessment.
  • June 21-27th, 2023, with individual student results reported after each student completes the assessment.