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St. John Catholic High School embraces the Renewed Math Strategy and is committed to providing the math knowledge and skills that students will need in an ever-changing world. We continue to promote a growth mindset where mistakes are accepted as learning opportunities from which we can deepen our understanding of mathematics. 




 Math classes use of a variety of teaching strategies such as rich problem solving, direct   instruction, investigations, and peer collaboration using a variety of tools, including vertical   surfaces. In addition, there is a strong focus on teacher collaboration with an emphasis on   ensuring a smooth continuum of math learning for students, particularly from grades 7   through 10.


 Staff are committed to providing supports for all students and additional help is available   from classroom teachers, special education resource teachers, and peer tutors.   

 EQAO recognizes that it is time to modernize its assessment program. Recent events and   government direction have accelerated the agency’s initiative to support student learning   through technology as the agency resumes its large-scale assessment program. EQAO is   committed to providing timely curriculum-based data in support of studen and the   education community at this time of rapid change.


New Online Adaptive Model 
 This year, EQAO is field testing a new online and adaptive assessment for Grade 9   academic and applied mathematics courses. The purpose of this field test is to allow   students and educators to become familiar with the new model, and to support the   validation and continued development of the new platform.
Field-Test Details 
 The initial field test will occur throughout November, for students completing in-person   Grade 9 academic and applied courses in November. Students completing a Grade 9   academic or applied mathematics course by October 31, 2020, will not write the Grade 9   EQAO mathematics assessment. 









St. John Catholic High School is pleased to be able to offer after school numeracy classes throughout this school year. These classes are designed for students in grades 7-9 to help them strengthen their basic skills in mathematics, and to close any gaps in their math learning that might exist. These classes are free of charge and will be taught by an experienced math educator.



 Numeracy Program classes will take place here at St. John Catholic High School, please   check the school calendar for the specific dates. Classes will run from 3:15 to 5:00. Late   buses will leave the school at 5:10. Spaces are limited to fifteen students per night and   pre-registration is required. Once students are registered, attendance is mandatory. All   materials for the numeracy program will be provided. For more information please access   the Parent Letter by clicking the link below.





   2:10 PM Final school bell rings

   2:10 - 2:30 Break

   2:30 - 4:30 Instructional Time

   5:00 Late Buses depart 

In the event of a snow day, the after school literacy program will be cancelled