We have been collaborating with many of our community partners and leaders who have offered to share their expertise and guidance in the area of trauma, explain how they can help, and how we can go about accessing their services. Please see the link below for a video created specifically for parents and members of the wider community. This video will also be posted on the website of the agencies involved for anyone in the wider community to view. Should you know of anyone needing support, please make them aware that this video is available to them on any agency website found in this video: 

Community Partners – Public Video

A similar video has been shared with students that has been created in collaboration with our community partners informing students that we continue to support them through this difficult time. At the end of the video our Community Partners have shared their contact information in order for our students to access their support directly. Also, if students require assistance in accessing these services, please reach out to Mr. Forbes, Mrs. Gemmill, Mr. Quick or myself and we would be pleased to help support those referrals and/or contacts for your child. Any student who may find this type of information upsetting or triggering in any way, can choose to mute the video on their personal computer until the video is over.

As we continue to move forward we are also exploring other opportunities for students to be heard and listened to.

We would like to extend a special thank you to all of the agencies involved for their ongoing partnership and support of the St. John Catholic High School community. Together in Voice. Together we Overcome. Together we Empower.

Deanne Strong